A finished 25 page comic about growing up and the falling that goes with it.

Posted on my Patreon and also on Tapas


On Hiatus

IMO: International Mercenary Organisation. A strange kind of action/drama/slice-of-life webcomic with actually very little action, some drama and a slice of a fairly specific set of lives.


A finished 8 page comic set in a post-apocalyptic world following five characters and their search to find a new place to survive.

Published in the anthology 'Hollow'

A gay little slice of life webcomic. Join Nil and Seb for Tea, Hot Chocolate and various ramblings and rants that seem to come from living together.

Ongoing and posted on my Patreon and also on Tapas

This is a fairly dark 12 page comic... Okay, a bit more than fairly dark.

Published in the anthology 'Boom'


A finished 9 page comic following someone who is trying to hold on to the belief that they are human.

Published in the anthology 'Grove'